Monday, August 26, 2013


Lorielle spoke with her brother, Jason on Sunday. They both did an outstanding job. The Spirit was so strong and the testimony they bore was wonderful to hear. Lorielle will be speaking again sometime in September in the Spanish Highlands ward, probably on 9/22.

Lorielle plans on working and preparing to go to college in January.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome Home, Sister Record!

Sister Record is home, and we are so glad to see her again. We have a great ride home and talked about lots of experiences. Here are some homecoming pictures. Sister Record's flight was about 30 minutes early, so we go to see her all the sooner.

Sheri, Jason, Sister Record, Jason, Annelise, Chris, Eric and Poppy
Sister Record was the only missionary on her plane.
Sheri going to greet Sister Record
Sheri and Sister Record

Sister Record and Sheri
Sister Record was surprised how tall Chris is.

The Family saying hello.

Sister Record giving her youngest brother (Eric) a hug.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coming Home!

Sister Record will arrive at the Salt Lake City airport Thursday, Aug 22 at 8:00am. We will meet in terminal 2 by the baggage claim area near the escalators. Feel free to meet us there to greet Sister Record with a warm welcome home.

Speaking Assignment

Sister Record will be speaking this Sunday, Aug 25 at 1:00pm at the Canyon Ridge Ward building at 2162 East Canyon Road, Spanish Fork, Utah. She will be speaking with her brother, Jason Record, who was recently released as a missionary from the Alaska Anchorage Mission.

Speaking Topics

Sister Record: Recognizing and Acting on Promptings from the Spirit
Jason Record: Faith in and Use of the Priesthood

I am told you need to get there really early if you want a seat. 

A Fabulous Week!

It has been a fabulous week! We have taught a lot of people and seen miracles!

One that stands out is we finally found all the information we needed to do the temple work for one of our member's grandparents. (this is the same story from last week). We were able to print the things needed to take those names to the temple. I am so excited to go to the temple for these people!

The second miracle involves somebody we've been teaching for a couple weeks now. We invited him to be baptized a few weeks ago and he said yes, but wouldn't commit to a date. Then this week Sister Zaleski felt inspired to invite him again. He was a lot more willing to think about the date we had set for him to get baptized. He came to church on Sunday and after sacrament meeting told us he was ready to get baptized! wahoo! I'm so excited for him!

I have absolutely loved my mission! It has, by far, been the best decision I've ever made up to this point in my life! I am thankful that Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself and helped me get on a mission. It wasn't what I wanted to do 2 years ago.

I am thankful for what I've learned about myself on my mission. Growing up I always heard that I was a "daughter of a Heavenly Father who loved me." I don't think I ever disbelieved it... but I never felt it deep inside. My mission has helped me know, not only in my mind but in my heart, that this is true.

I have had experiences where God has taught me that by the Spirit. It is amazing! Do you know who you really are? Because it is incredible!

I am so grateful that God has given me the opportunity to see His other children the way he sees them. I am grateful for the opportunity I've had to help my Heavenly Father with his great and marvelous work.

To be honest, most of the time I feel like a child in the kitchen helping mom make cookies. Mom could make the cookies perfectly fine without my help. She doesn't need my help at 3 years old, but she lets me. She lets me help because she knows I will learn a valuable lesson. She lets me help because she loves me. She lets me help because she knows our relationship will be better because of it.

I love the people of Oklahoma. They are wonderful! I am going to miss it here. However, I know that God has more for me to do in my life. I'm ready to see what he has in store for me. It will be an awfully big adventure! :D

Well, I love y'all! See you soon!
Love, Sister Record

Monday, August 12, 2013

Family History Miracle

Hello everybody!!

Its been a good week! We have so many amazing people in the ward here. One of them we didn't know about a few months ago. We found her tracting. She had joined the church in the last place she lived and when she moved to Stillwater last summer she didn't know anybody from the church so she had not gone.
Elder Zerkle, Elder Lott, Elder Hendersen, Elder Burr, Elder Fee, Elder Salmon, Elder Kennedy, Elder Moore, Me

Anyway, we've been working a lot with her over the past couple months. She is WONDERFUL! We've been taking her out teaching with us. She has such a powerful testimony of her Savior and Heavenly Father. She has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon.  She has connected with so many of the people we've taken her to go see. Its been amazing!

We had an experience with her on Wednesday and Thursday We taught her on Wednesday about family history work and temple work. She is so excited to search out her family names and one day wants to be able to go to the temple to do that work for them. 

As soon as we started to teach the Spirit in that room was so strong! I had this impression from the Spirit to ask her a question. After about 15 minutes I asked her. I said, "I am going back to Utah in a couple weeks and I will be doing a lot of temple work. Would you like me to take a couple of your family names to the temple in Utah and do their temple work for them?"  She started to cry (and I got a little teary eyed) and said she would really love that.

So on Thursday we went to the family history center and found her grandparents information. IT WAS SO EXCITING!!! (she literally had no information other than names of her grandparents.) We also found her great grandparents and their children!  She asked if I would do the temple work for her grandparents on her mom's side! We are so excited! If everything works out, we're going to have the names ready this Thursday to take to the temple when I get home.

We were doing weekly planning on Thursday. I was so exhausted! I told sister Zaleski that we needed to take a short break so I could take a power nap. Well... this is how I fell asleep for about 10 minutes.  Missionary work is exhausting, but so much fun! Aslo.... Chris' picture isn't on my wall because it wouldn't stay up. Dont' worry... its on my desk :)
Well, I love y'all so very much! Thank you for ALL your support and encouragement! :)

Love, Sister Record

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Good Week

Hello everyone!
Its been a good week! We got to go to the temple, which was awesome! Love that place!

We watched general conference with a woman we are teaching. It was too perfect! She had questions about prophets, but so many of her questions were answered. The Spirit was so strong! I loved it!

I have to apologize, the closer I get to coming home.... the less I have to say. I do love you though! Life is good! Being a missionary is great! I'm going to miss it. Have a great day!

Love, Sister Record