Monday, August 12, 2013

Family History Miracle

Hello everybody!!

Its been a good week! We have so many amazing people in the ward here. One of them we didn't know about a few months ago. We found her tracting. She had joined the church in the last place she lived and when she moved to Stillwater last summer she didn't know anybody from the church so she had not gone.
Elder Zerkle, Elder Lott, Elder Hendersen, Elder Burr, Elder Fee, Elder Salmon, Elder Kennedy, Elder Moore, Me

Anyway, we've been working a lot with her over the past couple months. She is WONDERFUL! We've been taking her out teaching with us. She has such a powerful testimony of her Savior and Heavenly Father. She has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon.  She has connected with so many of the people we've taken her to go see. Its been amazing!

We had an experience with her on Wednesday and Thursday We taught her on Wednesday about family history work and temple work. She is so excited to search out her family names and one day wants to be able to go to the temple to do that work for them. 

As soon as we started to teach the Spirit in that room was so strong! I had this impression from the Spirit to ask her a question. After about 15 minutes I asked her. I said, "I am going back to Utah in a couple weeks and I will be doing a lot of temple work. Would you like me to take a couple of your family names to the temple in Utah and do their temple work for them?"  She started to cry (and I got a little teary eyed) and said she would really love that.

So on Thursday we went to the family history center and found her grandparents information. IT WAS SO EXCITING!!! (she literally had no information other than names of her grandparents.) We also found her great grandparents and their children!  She asked if I would do the temple work for her grandparents on her mom's side! We are so excited! If everything works out, we're going to have the names ready this Thursday to take to the temple when I get home.

We were doing weekly planning on Thursday. I was so exhausted! I told sister Zaleski that we needed to take a short break so I could take a power nap. Well... this is how I fell asleep for about 10 minutes.  Missionary work is exhausting, but so much fun! Aslo.... Chris' picture isn't on my wall because it wouldn't stay up. Dont' worry... its on my desk :)
Well, I love y'all so very much! Thank you for ALL your support and encouragement! :)

Love, Sister Record

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