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Email: 11 June 2012

Hey family and friends! This week has been nothing short of miraculous. Last Monday and Tuesday Sister Christensen was sick so we didn't really do a whole lot as far as missionary work went.

Tuesday June 5, 2012-
A guy in our ward was selling pest control on Monday. He started talking to this lady who wasn't super interested in it. So he started talking to her about the Book of Mormon and she said she would like a copy. She said we could come back but that she wasn't going to let us in the house. Well we took her a Book of Mormon today and with in 30 seconds she was letting us into her home. Her name is [Name withheld 1]. She isn't a student... she's an older lady but boy oh boy is she incredible! She doesn't want us coming and telling her our beliefs. She wants to figure it out on her own by reading the Book of Mormon. She doesn't want to be influence by anybody. However, she really really liked the three of us and wants us to come back to just visit. Before we left we ended with a prayer. As I was praying she interjected her own things. She said she was grateful God had sent us to her because we gave her hope for the rising generation. One thing I will miss about Oklahoma when I am home is how people interject their own things into prayers. I love it! :)

Sister Christensen, Sister Record and Sister Nelson
with the oily birthday cake.
Wednesday June 6, 2012-
Today was Sister Christensen's birthday. I attempted to make her a cake....but read the directions on the cake mix box wrong. Instead of water I put oil in the cake... oops. We baked it anyway. It smelled like a ritz cracker. We tried a little bit... it was more or less edible. We took the cake to the institute building and had cake and played games with the Elders for a little while. We had a little piece of the cake, but didn't tell the Elders what was wrong with it. They all kept mentioning that the cake with really good. We couldn't help but laugh. We had an incredible lesson with our solid progressing investigator. He is amazing! He is going to have such an incredible conversion story when he is baptized. He signed up for institute (without us asking him to), he not only reads the scriptures-he is studying all the standard works and he is going to church every week. He didn't have to work today so we got to meet with him. He told us about how he was studying and read from the teachings of the living prophets manual that faith is built by hearing the testimony of the servants of the Lord. So he wanted us to tell him personal stories of how we each came to know that God is there. It was a fantastic lesson and the Spirit was so strong. :D

Pooh Bear ready to work!
Thursday June 7, 2012-
We went out tracting today and met a lot of great people who let us give them the Heavenly Gift. ( I need to explain what this to y'all. Heavenly Gift; noun; the most amazing door approach known to missionaries in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission. In a nutshell, instead of your normal door approach "we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints....." you say "We are representatives of Jesus Christ." then something along the lines of we are out sharing the gift of prayer. You learn about the person and their needs and then pray with them. After the prayer you ask if you can come back to share more and then you leave. It is SO EFFECTIVE!) So we were out giving people the Heavenly Gift and the first 5 doors we knocked on people let us pray with them! Not all of them were interested in us coming back to share more, but they were all thankful for the prayer and it was always a positive experience. We were able to find four new investigators as we shared the Heavenly Gift with people.

Saturday June 9, 2012-
We met with [Name withheld 1] again today. What an amazing woman she is! She was feeling really sick when we first came over. She said she wouldn't be much company, but allowed us in. She told us about her husband who passed away a few years ago. She told us about all the times she has seen God's hand in her life. The spirit was so strong as we spoke. Sister Christensen finally asked [Name withheld 1] if we could come back and just share some things about what we believe. She told [Name withheld 1] that she already knows so much, but there are just a few pieces we have that we'd love to share with her. [Name withheld 1] was a little apprehensive at first. She doesn't want anybody preaching to her. We assured her we wouldn't and she has agreed to start taking the lessons. She got really excited about it actually. She is so anxious to find out the pieces she is missing. She told us to come back and tell her what she doesn't know. She doesn't want to talk about the things she already knows. haha! She told us as we were leaving that she didn't feel good when we first got there but as we visited with her she felt better. It was incredible to actually be able to see the difference of when we first got there to when we were leaving. There was an actual physical change in her. I know it was the Spirit that was there as we talked with her about Christ and about families.

Sunday June 10, 2012
Elder Hansen, our district leader, told us that if we were to knock on every single door at Campus Lodge (one of the huge apartment complexes with a whole bunch of students) we would get five new investigators this week. We didn't start knocking on those doors until Thursday. We knocked on almost all the doors there in four days. It was AMAZING! We were able to give so many people the heavenly gift and meet so many great people! We were able to find much more than five new investigators. I am so thankful for my companions these last couple days. I'm thankful for Sister Christensen's fun and upbeat attitude. I'm thankful for Sister Nelson's diligence. None of this would have happened without them and of course the Lord.
Yesterday Sister Nelson and I went to teach one of the girls we met the other day. Her name is [Name withheld 2]. Sister Nelson and I went with a member while Sister Christensen and another member went out and knocked on more of the doors in Campus Lodge. Sister Christensen and the ward member (who I discovered I'm related to! Her last name is Haws and is related to William Wallace Haws and a bunch of Rowleys.) were able to find a new investigator and have a member present lesson while Sister Nelson and I taught [Name withheld 2] with a member and set a baptismal date with her. Oh boy was it exciting! The lesson with [Name withheld 2] was very much guided by the spirit. As we shared with [Name withheld 2] the first vision I could tell she was feeling something. Sister Nelson asked what she was feeling. [Name withheld 2] told us she got chills and wanted us to tell more of the story. :) We were able to explain to her that what she felt was the Holy Ghost. We invited her to be baptized on July 21. I really feel like teaching that lesson with Sister Nelson deepened my love for her, something I've been praying for. It was incredible to meet back with Sister Christensen and hear about the young lady they met. As we told each other our stories the spirit was so strong. We were all so excited for the other person(s). I feel like that experience really unified our companionship.

As I was sitting here typing this, I was reminded of when Alma met back up with the sons of Mosiah after going their separate ways to preach the Gospel. When they met up again Alma was so happy to see them and I'm sure to hear about what they had been doing. I feel like that is how I felt as Sister Nelson and I met back up with Sister Christensen. I was so excited to hear what had happened with Sister Christensen and the member who went out with her.

Well.... I don't know how to express how thankful I am for the opportunity I have to be a missionary. I love it more than words can express! Sometimes I feel like bouncing off the walls I love it so much. I am thankful for all the people I've been able to meet, for all the prayers I've been able to say with people. I am thankful for the person God is shaping me to be. I have felt my capacity to love people grow so much! I know that he loves me and that each one of us is a son or daughter of God. I love teaching people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I also love to learn about it! I am so thrilled that I have my whole life a head of me and more to study and learn the Gospel. I love you so much! 

I hope all is going well with funeral arrangements for Grandpa. More importantly, I hope you all are doing okay at this time. Especially mom, Aunt Rebecca, Aunt Darlynn, Uncle Gary, Uncle Richard, Uncle David and Uncle Gene. I wish I could be there, but I know this is where I need to be.

I hope all goes well this week!
Love, Sister Record

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