Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Email: 13 August 2012

Hey there!
Well..... I don't really have anything to report. This last week has been really slow.... probably the slowest week of my entire mission. It's been tough. Hopefully things start picking up soon. We got transfer calls yesterday. Sister Nelson, Sister Fraire and I are staying in Norman! woohoo! I am so happy I get to be companions with Sister Nelson another transfer. Sister Fraire is so great too! I love my companions! We already knew we were staying before we got transfer calls, but Elder Hanes, our district leader tried to convince us Sister Nelson was leaving. What a punk. haha! So I will be in Norman until the end of September. I think I will stay even longer than that, but we shall see. I would love to stay here in Norman for awhile. It's a fantastic place!

Despite how slow things are right now, we were able to give away two of the Books of Mormon this week. One guy we met on campus. He was just sitting on the bench and we knew we needed to go talk to him. We went over and started to talk to him. We showed him the Book of Mormon (Karla Johns wrote her testimony in this one) and we explained what it was. I gave him the copy and as soon as I handed it to him his face lit up! He was so excited to get the copy of the Book of Mormon. I have never seen anybody more happy and excited to read it. He took it from us and said "I am going to read this today!" He was so happy and excited to read. It was pretty great! We talked to him the next day and he had started to read the Book of Mormon. We haven't been able to meet with him since, but hopefully a really good seed has been planted. :)

The second Book of Mormon has Monica Rudd's testimony in it. On Sunday we had a girl at church who is dating one of our members. She told us she is planning on coming back to church next Sunday. She really seemed to enjoy church. I gave her the copy of the Book of Mormon. I didn't get a chance to really explain a whole lot about it, but I'm sure her boyfriend will. We are hoping to start teaching her soon.

On Friday we went to visit a less active member of the ward. On the way up I noticed two people in a cemetery and thought "we should say a prayer with them" but didn't mention it to Sister Nelson of Sister Fraire. Our less active member was not home so then I mentioned to my companions that we should go pray with the people in the cemetery. We drove by and Sister Nelson mentioned that this was weird, I agreed and we drove past the cemetery. We got to the stop light and talked about it briefly and decided we needed to turn around and go talk with them. We got into the cemetery and discovered Sister Fraire's fear of cemeteries! :) We walked up to the two people sitting next to the gravestone. They were obviously distraught over the loss of a loved one. We offered to pray with them and they accepted. After the prayer we shared a little bit about the plan of Salvation with them and about how family relationships can go beyond this life. We prayed with a brother and a sister who were in their 20's. Her son had died 2 years ago to the day at only 5 months old. It was a really neat experience. After we left Sister Nelson mentioned how she felt really awkward as we were driving up but as soon as we started walking towards them she said she felt really calm and knew this was going to be a really good experience.

Well... that's about all for the week. Thanks for all your support and your prayers I love you! Please continue to keep the missionaries and their areas in your prayers. :)

Love, Sister Record

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