Monday, August 20, 2012

Email: 20 August 2012

Hey family and friends!
This week has been much better than last week. I have truly seen miracles and seen the "Lord's angels round about to bear [us] up". I am crunched on time today, so this email may be kind of short. Today is the first day of classes so all the students are back. It is a marvelous thing to see so many people!! :D Oh sheesh! I don't know where to begin. It has been a roller coaster the past two weeks. We haven't had any new investigators, which was hard.

Last Wednesday my companions and I decided that we were going to find somebody new to teach and that we were going to have the faith to see miracles. As our dinner hour came to an end I got so antzy and excited to go out and knock on doors. (That hasn't happened for a while) With each minute that went by I got more and more anxious to get out and work. We got in the car and Sister Nelson suggested we go to an apartment complex we'd never been to before. We got there and the few doors we knocked on there was no answer. Then I saw an apartment complex across the street that we'd never seen before. So we went to that one. The craziest thing happened! As soon as we stepped foot on the property we knew this was the place we were going to find a new investigator. It was insane! Both Sister Nelson and I could feel it. It was almost tangible. We knocked on a few buildings with no success. We still knew this was where we needed to `be though. I mentioned to Sister Nelson and Sister Fraire that I was so excited to find a new investigator here. We knew that person was somewhere in the complex, we just had to find them.

We knocked on a door and as soon as the girl opened the door I knew she was the one we had been looking for. We offered to pray for her and for her family and she accepted. The spirit was so strong and she felt it. :) We set up an appointment to go back and visit her that Friday to teach her more. As soon as we left her apartment we were all three so stinking happy! We hadn't had this kind of experience in weeks! It was definitely a miracle. :)

The day before (Tuesday) we had been walking on campus and for whatever reason we walked a way we never had before. We ran into our investigator [Name Withheld]! It was so great! He had moved to back to Texas so we stopped teaching him. Well, we were able to set up a time to teach him Wednesday afternoon. It was such a miracle/blessing from the Lord to be able to actually teach and feel like we were fulfilling our purpose as missionaries. Teaching [Name Withheld] gave us the boost we needed to keep going. It was a fabulous lesson! We talked with [Name Withheld] about baptism and confirmation. We talked about how baptism is a covenant we make with God. When we make and keep covenants, God blesses us. We told him we want him to make and keep covenants with God, not just get baptized and then never come back to church. We read him the baptismal interview questions, which he passed. :) He is well on his way to getting baptized. Keep him in your prayers please! He said he feels like he needs to keep reading from the Book of Mormon and be more consistent with his church attendance. Oh [Name Withheld] is so great!!! We love him so much! Well... he also told us about how the day we taught him the Word of Wisdom he prayed in his living room asking if all this was true. He got a very distinct "Yes" answer. From that day he started to live the word of wisdom. Why he didn't tell us this sooner I don't know. It made our hearts soar to hear this from him.

Life as a missionary is hard. There are times where you don't feel like you can go on. However, moments when people are open and accepting to change their lives and come closer to Christ makes it all worth it. Then again, life in general is hard and there are times you don't feel like you can go on. It's not something that happens just to missionaries. As we are faithful though, the Lord provides for us and helps us. I know that Lord is mindful of us and loves us. Although things can be hard, there is so much good, joy and happiness in this life as we live the Gospel. I love you all! Sorry this is so short. I am doing fine. I love missionary work! I am learning and growing so much. :) Love ya!

Love, Sister Record

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