Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Short and Sweet


Sorry I wasn't able to email until today. The library was closed Monday and Tuesday was zone conference. This morning I was worried we wouldn't be able to go anywhere because of the weather. It isn't really that bad, it is snowing. Nothing like Utah snow though... I love the weather here. It's crazy! Yesterday was t-shirt weather and today it is snowing. I'm especially glad we didn't have to stay in due to weather because we are doing companion exchanges today. We have so many lessons planned and barely have time for lunch and dinner (those are my favorite days!) 

Anyways.... It has been a really amazing week. I have had so many prayers answered and the Lord has poured out blessings on me. He has strengthened me to do things I never could do. He has helped me to see things in a new light. I will go into more detail at some other time, not in this email though. 

Yesterday at zone conference President Taylor mentioned that the work we are doing here as missionaries is something Heavenly Father could do on His own. He could do it without us really. How blessed we are that he lets us contribute what little we can to this great work. I am thankful that even though I am weak, God allows me to be a part of this marvelous work of bring souls unto Christ. 

I am so excited to be here in this area right now. To be honest, I would be happy spending another transfer or two here. The work is really hastening in this area and it is just about to really take off. I have been seeing a steady increase in the things happening in this area since I got here. I can feel that things are about to get even more exciting! :D This is the Lord's work. There is no doubt about that in my mind. 

I'm sorry this is really short and I'm not sharing all these amazing missionary stories. Amazing things are happening.... but there is too much to share and it's a bit overwhelming. ;) Plus... I don't have as much time to write today as I usually do. I do want you to know that I do love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know He is real and that he really cares for all of us. I love this gospel and the peace and joy I have felt by living it. I have felt even more joy sharing the gospel here in Oklahoma than I have at any other point in my life. I have never been happier than when I am working hard for the Lord and doing the things he asks. Obedience brings Joy! 

I love you! Have a wonderful week! :)
Love, Sister Record

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