Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Email: 9 April 2012

Hey Family!
Sister Record's Birthday with the Burke's
Sorry I haven't sent you an audio update. I will repent and get one to you by next Monday. ;) I tried sending the first one I ever did directly from the audio player and it didn't work either. I think it's to long to send in an email (it's almost 20min long) So I will make sure to do a shorter one or multiple short ones. I promise to make the effort to get one to you next week. :D

Transfers are coming up on Wednesday. My new companion is Sister Buckley. She has two more transfers before she goes home I think. Sister Bowles and I figured I will probably be in this area for at least another four months. Sister Bowles is experiencing her first transfer of her mission on Wednesday. 10 MONTHS in one area! haha! It's crazy! She will be greatly missed. She has had such an impact on the area and has really made a difference.

We got special permission to go with one of the Sisters we have been working with to the temple. It was her first time back in over 5 years. She has just started to come back to church. She is such a great woman! I love her! Going to the temple with her was such a special experience. She was there, we were there, Bishop and his wife were there, her friend who was there the first time she went to the temple was there, our relief society president was there. It was so great! :D

Sisters in my district on April 1st right after conference.
Sister Ewell, Sister Nelson, Sister Record, Sister Bowles

Also at the science museum on pday.
Sister Nelson, Sister Record, Sister Bowles, Sister Ewell

At the science museum! Sister Bowles and Sister Record

We went with Bishop and Sister Huff to a place
called "Pops" off of "historic Route 66".
This is the giant soda bottle in front of the place we were at.


Our district just goofing off. :)
Sister Nelson, Sister Ewell, Sister Record, Sister Bowles,
Elder Christiansen, Elder Shumway

Meeting the Preacher
Something interesting that happened on Saturday (Saturday April 7th 2012 is going down in my journal as the WEIRDEST day of my mission up to this point.) Sister Bowles and I were on our way to see an inactive member. We got out of our car and this minister asked us if we were talking about the Lord. We said yes and he came over to talk to us. What followed for the next hour was him telling us that our church was false and that we were deceived blah blah blah blah blah. (I don't think he had ever read the Book of Mormon to be honest or really knew what we believed) We didn't even get a chance to say anything. That being said, I have to give him props for knowing the Bible very well and being a very enthusiastic and energetic guy. However, I left that encounter not having any desire to be a better person, to change my life for the better or to follow the teachings of Christ more. I felt absolutely nothing as we left. 

Sister Bowles and I talked about it afterwards. He wasn't speaking by the power of God. He was speaking by the power of man. We also talked about how things that are eternal truths stick with us and we remember them. The things that are false fade away. I can hardly remember a thing that minister said to be honest. It was a very interesting experience. I'm glad it happened. Sister Bowles and I just had to laugh about it when that was all over.

Love, Sister Record

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