Wednesday, May 2, 2012

50 Questions

Sister Record wanted me to post this mission handout about the 50 questions answered in the Book of Mormon. Sister Record has challenged all of us to read the Book of Mormon and write down the reference for the answer to each of these questions.

Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission
50 Questions Answered by the Book of Mormon

1. Does the Bible contain all of God's word?
2. How can we judge between good and evil?
3. Is there a God?
4. Who are the “other sheep" spoken of in John 10:16?
5. What should I do next in my life?
6. Why should I attend church?
7. How can I avoid sin?
8. Are we saved by grace or works or both?
9. How can I improve my marriage?
10. What will our bodies be like in the resurrection?
11. How can a person know if the Book of Mormon is true?
12. What does Jesus Christ expect of me?
13. What is the Doctrine of Christ and why is it important to me?
14. How can a belief in God and Jesus Christ help me?
15. What should I pray about?
16. How did ancient prophets describe our day?
17. Why should we not put off repentance?
18. How can I avoid the evils that threaten me and my family?
19. How can I strengthen the relationship with my companion and future spouse?
20. Why should I keep a journal?
21. How can I be a better friend?
22. How can desire turn into faith?
23. How can God be both just and merciful?
24. Is there life after death?
25. How can I balance family and career?
26. What is the purpose of life?
27. How should I react when someone is unkind?
28. What happens to our spirits after death?
29. Why does God allow evil and suffering?
30. How can my family be happier and more united?
31. How can the Atonement help me repent and change for the better?
32. How can I fulfill my calling?
33. How can I protect my family from the evils of the world?
34. To what extent are we accountable for our choices?
35. Why was Jesus baptized?
36. How can I turn weakness into strength?
37. What happened in the Americas when Jesus was born?
38. What happened in the Americas when Jesus was crucified?
39. What do we witness to the Father by being baptized?
40. Why was the Atonement necessary?
41. How can I find peace and joy?
42. Does God know me?
43. Does God answer my prayers?
44. Does an infant need baptism?
45. What is the relationship between the creation, the fall and the Atonement?
46. Who is the central figure of the Book of Mormon?
47. Do the Bible and the Book of Mormon refer to each other?
48. Why must “Israel” be gathered?
49. Can a young man with little formal education have written this book?
50. For whom was the Book of Mormon compiled and preserved?

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