Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Pattys Day Baptism

Hey friends and family!
Things are going pretty good. :) We had a baptism last night which was really great! The little girl that got baptized is so adorable! She just moved here with her and her family. They are wonderful!
Sister Record, [Name withheld], Sister Tudman
This week we taught our investigator from mainland China about prophets. Some how we ended up teaching about the Holy Ghost. She struggles to understand what the Holy Ghost feels like so we talked a lot about that. She was genuinely upset because she doesn't feel like she has felt the Holy Ghost like Sister Tudman and I. We realized after the lesson that when we feel the Spirit we get really excited and it shows. However, the outward expression that she saw isn't necessarily what the Spirit feels like. The Spirit is described in the scriptures as a still small voice that "pierces the very soul." Because it is such a great feeling, Sister Tudman and I were expressing it with a lot of joy and excitement. I love this young woman we are teaching! She is so sweet and sincere and really wants to know the truth. :)

Last week on Sister Tudman's brithday. Sister Tudman, Me and Elder Dalia
At district meeting on Friday the Assistants shared this quote by President Eyring (then Elder Eyring). "I can make two promises to those who offer the gospel to others. The first is that even those who reject it will someday thank us. More than once I have asked missionaries to visit friends far from where I lived, learned that the missionaries had been rejected, and then received a letter from my friend with words like this: 'I was honored that you would offer to me something that I knew meant so much to you.' If not in this life, the message will be sent to us in the world to come when those we approached will know the truth and how much we cared for them. My second promise is that as you offer the gospel to others, it will go down more deeply into your heart. It becomes the well of water springing up into eternal life."

I loved that quote and gave me a whole new perspective on things! No effort we make in sharing the gospel with friends and family is ever wasted. Sharing the blessings of the gospel can get discouraging when people reject what we have to offer. However, we are promised that it will all work out. That really boosted my faith! 

Playing the laughing game :D

Yesterday the Elders gave us a ton of "Twinkies" (aka the new hostess replacement called tasty kakes). We didn't know what to do with them, we didn't really want to eat them. So during our lunch hour we hid the twinkies all around the house for the Hermanas to find when they got home. On our white board in our kitchen we wrote in Spanish, "El dragon les dejo twinkies" in English that means "The dragon brought you Twinkies." haha! It was so funny! so all throughout the day they were finding Twinkies in there drawers, jackets and closets. :)

Well, I love you all so much! Thanks for the letters, the love and the prayers!
Love, Sister Record


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