Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Doctor Trip, Transfers and an Apostle

Happy Monday!

It has been one crazy week! I have been to the city (about an hour and a half away) three times this week. Once was to take a sister to the doctor, the second was for transfers and the third was to hear an apostle speak! Elder Neil L Andersen came and spoke to us. All of us missionaries got to go up and shake his hand. The day before President Taylor called and asked if I knew I was giving the opening prayer. I had no idea until he called. :) Elder Andersen is such a nice, happy, loving man. He is hilarious too!

Elder Andersen said a lot of things to us. He told us that if it were not for the missionaries in the United States we wouldn't be able to have missionaries in other countries. He also said that if he had a son or daughter serving a mission he would be very pleased to have them serve in this mission. Elder Andersen talked a lot about miracles and even brought "a miracle with him" to the meeting. He brought a lady that he had found and baptized while a mission president in France. It was really neat! Elder Andersen had made a goal with his missionaries to find and baptize 50 people in the mission in the month of February. The average was 20- 25 a month. He even told them that he would find one of those 50. Long story short, towards the end of the month he found this woman... or rather she found him. She called him at the mission office :) She was the 50th person to be baptized that month.

Elder Andersen told us to EXPECT miracles to happen in our lives. I really liked that. At the very end he told us (and I swear he was talking directly to the sister missionaries) "Don't be so hard on yourselves. It's hard to become a disciple of Jesus Christ." Then he said this, which really touched my heart. "The Lord loves you and accepts your sacrifice." I really needed to hear that.

I am going on my first exchange as a sister trainer tonight. (I've been on two other 24hr exchanges on my mission) I am going to go with the campus sisters and Sister Pfister is going to go with Sister Tudman. I am so thankful I get to do this new assignment with Sister Pfister. I can't imagine anybody better to do this with. She is amazing and I always learn so much from her.

This morning I was reading "Jesus: The Perfect Leader" today in preparation for my new assignment. I have often felt very inadequate but this talk really motivated me. I know I'm not perfect, but I just chose one of the Christlike qualities and will work on that until I feel I can take on another one.

I know I have changed and become more than I was in the last 13 months. I know it is because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the things I am learning and I look forward to seeing how thing things I have learned out here will apply when I'm home. I love you all!
Love, Sister Record

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