Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday? Again? :)

Hello everybody!
So the church has just created a new leadership position for sister missionaries. Here is the link that talks more about it (Missionary Leadership Council, Sister Trainer).

Anyway, President Taylor called me last Wednesday asking if I would be a Sister Trainer for the northern part of the mission. I will be working with Sister Pfister to take care of the needs of the 12 sisters in this part of the mission. We will go on weekly exchanges in other parts of the mission. I am excited for the new responsibility, but like always, a little nervous. I am grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me. Please keep me in your prayers as well as the 5 other sisters who have been given this assignment. Love you!
Thanks for the package mom! :D

I can't believe it is once again Monday! Where did the week go? Thanks for the package mom! I finally got it last week. :) It has been an amazing week! First off, we got transfer calls... I am staying in Stillwater! This will officially be my longest area. I am going into my 5th transfer here. By the end of that I will have been here for 6 months. I have a feeling I will be staying here the rest of my mission to be honest. This week has been a little crazy. On Tuesday I visited the OSU sisters. We had planned to visit on Wednesday, but because of severe weather we had to leave the night before. This is just a side note, but I love the storms here in Oklahoma! On Tuesday night I was woken up because the lightening was lighting up the room and thunder was shaking the walls! :D

Sister Andersen and Sister Record
Anyway, so I got to go back to my first area and work there on Tuesday night with the Sisters there. It was such a tender mercy! We stayed with one of the members that night as well. I was ecstatic to say the least. I love that place so much! I loved seeing and hearing about how much the work has hastened in the area over the last year.

I got to talk on the phone with one of the people Sister Bowles and I worked a lot with. She was trying to get back to the temple (which she did after I left the area). We have been writing each other back and forth ever since I left. When the sisters called her I was expecting her to answer the way she always did (kind of melancholy and not a lot of excitement in her voice). OH MY GOODNESS! When she answered the phone I was speechless for a second. She was energetic, full of happiness and light. I almost started crying. It was so good to talk to her for just a couple minutes. She is amazing!

Yesterday we were walking home from an appointment and got caught in the rain. It was quite fun :)
Sister Tudman and Sister Record
We taught our investigator the restoration on Friday. This is the same lady I told you about last week. We asked her if she believed the Book of Mormon was true. She said she did because she already sees it changing her life! :D We then asked her if she believed Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw. She said yes! Then on Sunday her and her fiancée came to church! It was amazing! I love them so much! Her fiancée got up and bore his testimony about prayer. It was simple but so powerful!

I read this scripture this week and I really enjoyed it. I love how straight forward our Heavenly Father is in this scripture. 2nd Nephi 8:12 says, "I am he; yea, I am he that comforteth you. Behold, who art thou, that thou shouldst be afraid of man, who shall die, and of the son of man, who shall be made like unto grass?" I LOVE the questions asked here." Who art thou, that thou shouldst be afraid?" I am really trying to have more faith and less fear in my life. I know that with faith miracles happen! I am grateful that Heavenly Father is so loving and so merciful towards me. I know God lives! I know Jesus Christ is His son and that it is only through Him that we can go back to live with our Heavenly Father again.

I love you all so much! Thanks for everything!
Love, Sister Record

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