Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Amazing Week... Yup

Sister Tudman dressed like a springtime Oreo
As a famous musical (based in the greatest state) says, "Oh What a Beautiful Morning!"

It is another beautiful Oklahoma day! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I haven't gotten any of the packages that you (mom and Lydia) have mentioned, but I'm sure they'll be here soon.

We have had such an AMAZING week! We found some amazing new people to teach who are very interested in hearing the message of the Restoration, we set a baptismal date with an amazing person we've been teaching for a couple of months, I swallowed a live goldfish, we had investigators at church, and I am surrounded by amazing people! :D

Then we went and taught our investigator from China. She has a hard time recognizing the Spirit. We showed her the Mormon messages about light with Elder Bednar. She was really impressed with the Light of Christ. She didn't realize that the "natural" desire she had to help people and be kind was really the influence of Christ. She said that she was starting to recognize God more in her life! ahh! It was so exciting!

Sister Tudman and Sister Record
We went to see our new guy we are teaching. He is amazing! He is so prepared to hear the gospel. He told us that last week sometime he was praying that God would direct him in the direction he should go. He has a 3 year old daughter and wants to change his life for her. He hadn't prayed in years. Well.... a few days later we showed up at his door. He told us he took that as an answer from God to his prayer. We talked with him for about 30 minutes about the church. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon, which he was so excited to read. We are going back this evening.

In my last email I said this, 'The second miracle happened yesterday. To preface this, we talked a lot about following and acting on the promptings of the spirit in relief society. It was very uplifting and I wanted to go out and act on every prompting I got from the Spirit. :) Well, we were out after dinner checking on a former investigator. He wasn't home. The thought kept coming to my mind "five doors." (We have this thing in my mission called 5 by faith. When you are in an area and your plans fall through or whatever, knock on 5 door in faith that the Lord has you here for a reason.) So we went to four doors with no answer...well, one person answered, but they didn't even let us say who we were before they shut the door. The thought kept coming to me though, "five doors, five doors."

When we got to the fifth door I distinctly remember thinking "if nothing happens at this door we are knocking on one more." Well, a young man answered with is adorable little girl! We were able to pray with him and we have a return appointment!' After he told us his side of the story, we told him ours.. Heavenly Father really does lead and guide us to those who are ready and willing to listen. All we need is the faith to listen and act on the promptings from the Spirit.

Sister Hortin and I about to eat live goldfish,
yes the fish are in the pot of water.
I guess I should tell you about the goldfish... yes. I swallowed a live goldfish and so did Sister Hortin. Don't ask what possessed me to do such a thing. It is just one of those things on my bucket list. The opportunity to do it was there, so I took it. It was actually really anti climatic. haha! I'll show you the video sometime. :)

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, I finished it again yesterday. Oh how I love that book. I will constantly be reading from that book. I know it is a book from God and is true, Just like our Heavenly Father spoke through prophets in the bible he speaks to His children today through a living prophet. We still receive answers to personal prayers, but God reveals things pertaining to the salvation of His children through a prophet. I know Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet just like Adam, Noah, or Moses. I know these things to be true.

Sister Tudman and Sister Record
I love you all! Have a wonderful week! Happy Easter yesterday! Have a great time watching conference this weekend! I can't believe it is already here again. I am so excited!

Love, Sister Record

Sister Tudman and I started this thing called the "Easter Dragon". The "Easter Dragon" (obviously us) kept on hiding twinkies and cupcakes around the Hermanas things. (I think I've told you all this already) We left this note on the white board in the kitchen.

One hiding spot

Another hiding spot on the fan

Another sign the Sisters enjoyed

On Easter the Hermanas really got us back for hiding all the twinkies and cupcakes. They hid 50 easter eggs around the house for us to find and got us a dragon piniata! love them!

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