Monday, July 1, 2013

Sister Record: Roach Slayer!

Hey hey!

So I am a professional roach slayer! Maybe that isn't something to be proud of, but here I am telling you about it. We were at the LDS institute yesterday. I went into the bathroom and there was a cockroach on the ground.... a VERY BIG cockroach. It looked dead... so I got a paper towel to flush him. HE WASN'T DEAD! The second I started to pick him up he freaked out. Anyway.... I finally got him by is antenna and flushed him. It was yucky! Enough of my roach slaying adventures and on to my gospel preaching adventures.

[Name withheld 1] is getting baptized on Saturday!! wooo! Sister Loveland and I and [Name withheld 1] and so many others are so excited! She is so ready and prepared! We are teaching her about fasting today. I have such a testimony of prayer and fasting. The first fast Sunday in May Sister Loveland and I decided we were going to fast and pray that we would find somebody in our area who was ready to accept the gospel and get baptized. Well... two weeks later we met [Name withheld 1]! She has been such an answer to prayers! I have been here in this area for 7 months and all the hard work to finally be able to teach [Name withheld 1] has been worth it! I don't even remember all the sad things that have happened because they are all "swallowed up in the Joy of Christ".

I feel like Heavenly Father has blessed me with a unique experience, being in one area for 7 months. I have been able to see how the area has grown and developed. We have an amazing ward who are all so willing to come out with us.

Sister missionaries in front of the Oklahoma City Temple. Sister Record on the far right.
We have been focusing a lot on the Book of Mormon over the last few weeks. We have been using the Book of Mormon more in our teaching, proselyting, everything! I have such a strong testimony of the converting power of the Book of Mormon. The message in it is all centered on Jesus Christ. Because Christ and his Atonement are central in the Book of Mormon, the Spirit is powerful. I have seen the spiritual power in the Book of Mormon over the last couple weeks! I am seeing it transform lives! Two weeks ago one of our investigators stared reading the Book of Mormon. She is almost half way done. The other day she told us that she has felt so much healing and love over the past couple weeks. I know it is because the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know the word of God "HEALS THE WOUNDED SOUL". -Jacob 2:8

Our theme for a specialized training meeting a couple weeks ago was flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon. I would strongly encourage each of you to flood your own life with the Book of Mormon. As you do so, I promise you'll find healing where healing is needed. You will feel closer to your Savior, Jesus Christ. You will feel a greater desire to follow in Christ and do what he would want you to do. I LOVE the Book of Mormon! I know it is the word of God. I love you all! Have a great week.... and don't forget to flood your life with the Book of Mormon. :)

Love, Sister Record

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