Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Email: 12 March 2012

Sorry I didn't do an audio update. We didn't get home until late last night and with the time change I just wanted to go to bed right after planning. :)  I will update you through email and a letter home this time.
We are teaching a stay at home mom who is very interested in reading the Book of Mormon.  She is so awesome! The way we came in contact with her was actually something that happened before I got into OKC.  Sister Bowles and her other comp were getting in the car and the little girl (4 years old) yells out to them from across the parking lot and asks them their names.  She then asks why they are dressed like princesses.  :D She is so adorable!!!!
Then my first week here Sister Bowles and I went to their home to introduce ourselves. The mom is super sweet and is just looking for the truth.  She has such a love for Christ and His atonement already. She is very interested in reading the Book of Mormon. We've been over 3 times already and her husband told us we were welcome in their home anytime.  They are a wonderful family.  They told us they were surprised we came back a second time. Every other time anybody from any other church comes over and they find out they will not go to the church they never hear from them again. I guess they were impressed that we keep coming back to see them.
Last Thursday we went to read the story Christ in the America's and blessing the children from the Book of Mormon reader to the 4 year old.  [Name withheld] daughter, is very hyper and full of energy. As soon as I started reading to her she went silent and her mom came behind us  to listen to the story.  The Spirit was very very strong and I was able to bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon to [name withheld].  She got a little emotional as we talked, I know she felt something.  She is amazing! 
There are so many miracles happening here in OKC, even if that miracle is to just keep us missionaries going. :)  OH! We made homemade sushi at a member's home this week. It was so good.  I also tried Kimchi. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
We had a thunderstorm that shook the walls of the house, that was incredible! Then, there was a clap of thunder that made car alarms go off. >:D It made me happy inside.   Anyway, all is going well here in OKC. The people are super friendly and very nice.  It's a little tricky though because they all pretty much have a church they go to and already believe in Christ and think thats all they need.  Like I said though, some of the nicest people I have EVER met. :)  I love y'all  very very much! I'll talk to you soon and be expecting my SD card in the mail.  Have a GGGRREEATTT DAY! 
Love, Sister Record

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