Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Questions: 12 March 2012

Dad: What were your MTC companions' first names?
Sister Jamie Olsen and Sister Fatima Ehelschi-Piepgrass

Dad: What is Sister Bowels full name and where is she from?
Sister Jenna Maria Bowles from Mesa, Arizona

Dad: What is your apartment address?
I can't think of it off the top of my head. I'll send it with my SD card today.

Dad: What is your area, district and zone?
I'm in the Village area in the Quail creek district, Quail creek zone.

Dad: What are you area boundaries?
I dunno... I took a picture of the map that has my area boundaries though so I'll send that.

Dad: I assume you have 6 week transfers like Elder Record, so what day is the next transfer in your mission?
Yes, 6 week transfers. However, I'll probably be in this area training for 12 weeks before I get transfered. Next real transfer is scheduled for April 11th, but I probably won't be transfered until May 23rd.

Dad: What did you do on P-day?
Last P-day I tried to recover from the cold I got on the first night here in OKC. I'm feeling much better now. We also cleaned the car and went shopping. I wrote letters too. We didn't really do anything to be honest.

Dad: Have you done any tracting? If so, what streets have you tracted on?
Yes.... I've done tracting. I couldn't tell you where I've been tracting though. It's been all over the place. My mission has this thing called 5 by faith. So anytime an appointment falls through or somebody isn't home we knock on 5 door or talk to 5 people before we leave that area. So I've been on a lot of streets. I think my area is about 10-15 miles going north and south and about 5-10 miles going East and West and its in the city so there are a TON of houses.

Love, Sister Record

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