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Email: 19 March 2012

Sister Record, Elder Hernandez, Elder Franco and Sister Bowles
 Hey everybody! This week has been incredible! It is amazing what a change of attitude and putting your faith in God will do! Sister Bowles and I had a great week! As President Taylor says, "we are in the faith building business".  As missionaries we are striving to build the faith of the member, other missionaries, investigators and less active members. I have learned a ton from Sister Bowles! She is absolutely amazing! I lover her so much!
We have been working with a less active member, Sister H. Sister Bowles has actually been working with her since October.  Two Sunday's ago with went with Sister H's visiting teacher and had a good talk about how important church attendance is and why making and keeping covenants is so important.  Really it was her visiting teacher that really connected with Sister H.  Sister H said that she was scared to go back to church for multiple reasons.  Sister C (her visiting teacher) was very blunt with her, but very very loving at the same time.  It was amazing to see the interaction.  Sister Bowles and I hardly said anything about coming back to church.  :D  Well... Sister H wanted to make an appointment with the Bishop to help ease back into going to church.
Well.... Friday the  16th rolls around and Sister Bowles and I both knew we needed to go visit Sister Humphries on that day.  We also knew she was at work, but couldn't remember were she worked and couldn't get ahold of her on the phone. We both felt like a particular street name rung a bell, so we headed south on that for less than five minutes. 
Sister Bowles then remembered that Sister Humphries worked in a Doctor's office. So we drove until we saw something that looked like a doctors office. We went into the parking lot and found her van and knew this is were she was.  It was incredible! Us being there visiting Sister Humphries reminded her that she needed to make an appointment with the bishop on Sunday. Sister Bowles, being the wonderful missionary she is, made sure Sister Humphries called and made the appointment while we were with her so she didn't forget.
Sister Bowles and I were standing in church at the end of sacrament meeting talking to people. I turn around and Sister H was just standing next to sister Bowles waiting for her to turn around.  It took me a minute for it to register that it was sister H standing there.  I was so excited to see her at church and this huge wave of love for sister H came over me! I went and gave her a hug. Finally Sister Bowles realized what was going on. :)  Having Sister H at church was incredible! I told her now that she has come back to church it will keep on getting easier and easier to come back.  She agreed with me. Sister H also got her temple recommend! Sister Bowles and I are praying we get to attend the temple with her sometime! :D 
Sister Record and the chicken that lays jelly beans
The week has been full of miracles! It is weeks like this were I just love being a missionary!  I have learned something too. (I'm always learning though)  I have always known this, but now I am seeing it.  Mosiah 2:41 says to look on the happy state of those who keep the commandments of God.  I have seen this so much on my mission! I hear of people's stories (I find it funny how random people we meet on the street with just spill their whole life story to us sometimes. Sister Bowles says there is something about the name tag we wear that gets people just to open up.) and I think to myself, "if you would keep the commandments of God all these heart aches wouldn't be happening."  
I love you all SO SO SO SO  much!  Thanks for all the prayers and support! I love hearing from everybody!  Have a great day everybody!
Love Always, Sister Record

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